Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage Therapy is offered at Summit Chiropractic.  We are proud to have 4 highly qualified, experienced therapists on staff. They are well versed in numerous techniques and soft tissue approaches including Sports Massage, Rehabilitative Massage, Sacro occipital technique, Hot Stone, Reiki, Deep Tissue and Swedish. Many insurance plans are now reimbursing for massage therapy. Call and see if your policy offers you this benefit.

massage room 2015Most injuries fall into two specific categories. Soft tissue pain syndromes and Neurologically based (pinched nerve). For those patients that have a connective/soft tissue injury, trigger points, sprains/strains or just simply tight muscles from stress, massage therapy at Summit Chiropracticwill help you recover faster. For those with nerve based injuries, the combination of specific Chiropractic treatments and therapeutic massage well help to minimize your inflammation.

Having 2 Chiropractors working closely with 4 Massage Therapists under one roof gives you the advantage of a team approach/accurate diagnosis and specific treatment protocols. Remember at Summit Chiropractic, our reward is your great health!

Their massage therapists are hands-down the best to go to in the area. Literally the only massage appointment I’ve left feeling 100% better from!

Sean K.

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Meet Our Experienced Massage Therapists


massage therapistDeb is one of four Massage Therapist that Summit Chiropractic has on staff. Massage is a therapy that can relieve pain and in combination with Chiropractic adjustments can help heal certain conditions. Massage can help with stress, painful or tight muscles, tingling in arms or legs, and many types of injuries.


massage therapistMarie is one of four massage therapist on staff at Summit Chiropractic. Marie is licensed in therapeutic massage therapy and specializes in myofascial release, therapeutic stretches, reflexology, lymphatic and relaxation massage.


massage therapistJoan has been a massage therapist for over 20 years and has been working for Summit Chiropractic for 13 of them. She is happy to be part of the Summit Chiropractic team and with her healing touch we are happy to have her on it.


massage therapistJulia is our newest massage therapist to join Summit Chiropractic, but not new to massage. Massage can release painful muscle tension, improve circulation, increase joint flexibility and reduce mental and physical fatigue. An hour massage with Julia and you will walk out like a new person.